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PureRewards Program Rules & Details

  • Points are issued for orders placed on or after 09/15/2011.
  • 1 Point is awarded for every $1.00 spent on valid purchases.
  • 50 Points are awarded for each approved product review.
  • Tax, shipping, or promotional discounts are not eligible for Points.
  • When you have enough Points available, redeem them for Dollar Rewards on your PureFormulas account.

PureFormulas' Rewards & Referral Program (also known as “PureRewards”) allows customers to accrue Points that add up to discounts on PureFormulas.com.

There are several ways to earn Points:

  • New Account Creation: PureRewards automatically awards new accounts with 500 Points ($5): 250 Points ($2.50) for opening your account + 250 ($2.50) Points for personalizing your account information with your gender, date of birth, and at least 2 interests. Please Note: First time PureRewards users must apply their Points towards an order of $50 or more. After this first order, there are no more purchase minimums for PureRewards. This rule is specifically for first time users that have created and personalized their account and applies to the first order only. This rule also applies to those referred through PureFormulas' "Give $5, Get $10" referral program.
  • Purchases: Each dollar ($1.00) spent on any order earns one Point. Points can only be earned after creating an account and by placing orders while logged in as a registered user.
  • Referrals: Customers receive 1,000 Points ($10) for each new enrollee they refer to PureFormulas.com. Points are only distributed 30 days after referral's first order is delivered. Until that time, Points will be shown as "Pending". Points will only be earned if referral's first order is completed without using points.
  • Reviews: For every approved product review the user completes, 50 points will be awarded.

Points will appear in your PureFormulas account (30) days after your order is delivered. Until that time, Points will be shown as "Pending".

Any Points that have been earned through the PureRewards program will expire after 12 months.

Once Points have been accrued, they may be redeemed for Dollar Rewards.

For Example:
100 Points is worth $1.00 (One Dollar Reward)

Dollar Rewards can be redeemed at any time as long as the user has accrued the necessary Points. There is no minimum order value required in order to apply Dollar Rewards towards purchases, except for the initial 500 Points earned during new account creation [See “New Account Creation” above]. Dollar Rewards will expire after 12 months.

In order to utilize the PureRewards program and receive discounts on orders, PureFormulas members must apply Dollar Rewards during the checkout process.

There are no membership fees associated with PureFormulas’ PureRewards program. PureFormulas reserves the right to modify Point values at any time or terminate your participation in PureRewards if it believes that you have violated these Terms of Use, or that the use of your account is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. Customers are not allowed to have multiple PureFormulas.com accounts for any reason. Each household (address) is only permitted (1) one account with PureFormulas.com.

Customers caught creating or using “dummy” accounts to gain points will not be tolerated.

PureFormulas reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, or cancel the PureRewards program at any time and in its sole discretion without notice (but in that case, we’d give you a heads up).

Points and Dollar Rewards are not meant to be used as money and may not be redeemed for cash. Once you redeem Points for Dollar Rewards, we’re unable to cancel or exchange said Dollar Rewards with the intention of restoring Points to your PureRewards account.

Any fraudulent or unauthorized use of your PureFormulas.com account or any Points or Dollar Rewards associated with it is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of your Points, Dollar Rewards, and/or the PureFormulas.com account in question.

By being a member of PureFormulas.com, customers agree to allow PureFormulas.com to contact them via email, phone, mail, and other channels of communication.

Customers receive 50 points for approved product reviews. Product reviews can be deleted or not approved at the sole discretion of PureFormulas.com. Customers attempting to submit any product review that PureFormulas.com finds to be untrue or spam will be removed and may result in the customer’s account being suspended or cancelled with their Points and Dollar Rewards removed and forfeited.

The referral program connected with the PureRewards program is meant to help customers gain Points by referring their friends and family. Sending your referral code or referral link in large email blasts to potentially unsuspecting or unwilling people (otherwise known as spam) can result in the termination of your reward points, and possibly your PureFormulas.com account.

There is no limit to how many Points an individual can earn or redeem in a given period of time.